Another RX100 Sensor Dust example

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Re: it will just happen again though, right?

I mean, with their zoom design apparently the dust gets brought into the sensor over time, so I imagine it will happen again?

Is there any other zoom cam similar to the RX100 that DOESN'T have this problem?

I'm not sure that's the case that it will happen again.
1. It seems that in at least some, if not all, cases the cameras came this way from the factory.
2. I have yet to see a report of this happening twice to someone. That doesn't mean it hasn't happened or that such a report doesn't exist, just that I haven't seen it.
3. As far as I can tell, this is a problem exclusive to made in Japan cameras. I think they are all now made in China.

I was worried about the same thing before i bought but came to the conclusions above. One of the first times i used the camera i went to f11 and shot at the sky (apparently the way you are supposed to be able to see these, i forget if you are supposed to zoom as well) and it came out okay.

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