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I am traveling around Asia in a few months time and I would like to buy a camera to use for both stills but more importantly video. Videos that I plan to take will most likely be taken stationary or on a tripod. I would like one which is able to make use of old manual lenses, which rules out most full frame DSLR cameras (I think?). I currently have a Sony A33 which is fair for stills, however both control and quality of video is not so good. My budget is around £400-700 ($600-1000).

So far my options are

Panasonic GH2. But would have to get a used one, there aren't many on eBay.

Panasonic G6. seems to have similar quality to GH2 but it is on the higher end of my budget.

Sony Nex 5R/6. I tried out the older 5N a while back and I liked the quality but I've read these cameras suffer from aliasing.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema. Don't believe this can do stills but it can use interchangeable lenses, would rather a stills camera unless this blows them out of the water.

Any suggestions are welcomed, I'm not expecting high end cinematic quality with my budget, but would like to know what is the best at the moment within the range.

Thank you.

Since you already have the Sony A33 and presumably adaptable lenses, you should first look at the Sony A57 for video. Two days ago, I used the A57 with the lowly Minolta 5D 18-70 kit lens in both  video and still mode to record a parade in bright daylight. I would note that the lens was like new and unused, because I never particularly liked the wide angle still results back in 2006 and just settled for whatever came out of the ff Tamron 28-300 "super zoom' that I also bought at the time for the Minolta 5D.

But I digress. I reviewed my A57 1080p parade pictures on both laptop screen and larger 1080i TV screen and was satisfied with the results. But the 18-70mm kit lens did not quite have the 'pop' I would have expected from either the Sony 18-55mm, 55-200mm kits, or particularly the Sony 35mm prime lens. Then I noticed that I had not seen any moire either, and I had the zoom range that I wanted.

Will I use the Sony A57 again? You bet. Will I use the K-M 18-70mm lens again? Probably not. If I had an A33 and wanted to take video what would I do? I would try to trade the A33 in on a now discontinued Sony A57 with a bundled Sony 18-135mm zoom lens and mess with the prime lenses only when needed indoors on a tripod. Good luck with your decision.

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