Camera Wiith Video as Priority

Started Jun 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Camera Wiith Video as Priority

Thanks for the reply all,

@John, I do take stills as a hobby for both upload to Flickr and every now and then printing on A3 so I think I would need a stills camera. However I wouldn't mind too much bringing a stills in addition to a video recorder. The Blackmagic pocket cam does sound hopeful though, I'll have a look at the kind of lenses and their prices now. Like you said the Panasonics seem to do a good job so will have a look into the X920 a bit more.

@dpLarry, I will be shooting mostly landscape, cityscape, along with the general tourist shots (I know that's a bit general sorry! As haven't planned fully yet)

@Overcranky, I'll have a look into that camera now, thanks.

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