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Anthony Alongi wrote:

I have an X10 and I will take the XM-1 as rumored. Yes, it would be nice to have the XE-1 in a scaled down version, but this works for me. I was in the "must have a viewfinder" camp until very recently, when I had the chance to use an Olympus E-PL5 with the tilting screen. I found that tilting the screen upwards and looking down (a la a medium format film camera) quite natural - and with the benefit of that huge screen as a viewfinder. Would I miss the actual viewfinder? Occasionally, but the tilt screen makes up for it for me 90% of the time. I have never pre-ordered a camera, but if most of the rest of the specs on this one check out, I will pre-order one ASAP. My guess is that Fuji knows what it is doing - the vast majority of camera buyers do not hang out on DPR and obsess over the things that many of us do. Many of them have never even visited a "real" camera store! This looks like a great step up from the X10/X20 and the perfect step down from the XE series. I'm buying!

I would love a relatively small camera with a zoom starting at 24mm equivalent.  It would not bother me to much to lose the EVF as long as there was a tilt screen (I suppose that if the camera is popular, Fuji might consider an accessory EVF).  I have looked at the NEXs and the Olys and I was just not happy with the images I saw.  Not that they were bad, but Sony always seem to have to much noise reduction and Oly images always seemed clipped to me.  The only thing that concerns me about Fuji is the af.  I want to make sure that the af is fast, accurate and efficient.

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