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Re: Which one?

NIK11 wrote:

Thanks Eric, that has been valuable. It rather confirms my first impressions when briefly holding the G15 and RX100 in Jessops.

For large fumbly fingers the G15 immediately felt a joy to hold and intuitive too. Whereas the RX100 felt uncomfortable with fingers cramped against that sharpish lens ring edge. I'm waiting to see how the Pana LF1 turns out with its built-in EVF, but the larger G15 with it's OVF (for harsh sun) could prove the better option for my needs.


Nick -

I did forget to mention that one small but important item...the OVF. Many regard it (and any of its kind) as a joke.. but it IS a way to ensure that you get WHAT you want, on a bright sunny day .. where I've NEVER found ANY camera that certainly I find good enough not to glare-out the shot you are after..I've shot many in that condition and always regard it as more 'long experience' than good framing. I feel I CAN get pretty well what I want even without a screen almost..but on some occasions I just know I've got a good shot ONLY because I had the benefit of SOME sort of true view.. and thinking back I bet a lot have been on earlier G models.  I know one was on a Samsung NX10 I was then using (lovely camera too with a Pancake lens on it as I always liked on the few M4/3 cameras I've had.)  But you hit it right's the handling of the G15 which seems to immediately get you..lovely feel and with everything you want..even sticking it in a shirt-pocket as I tried !! DOES go.. !!
For what cost you can get a G15 for right's simply a steal..and nothing lost as far as I'm concerned.

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