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Re: Grad 8 Graduation

BijouStGuy wrote:

She is a lovely young woman and it is a wonderful capture, MrWisker. I love the soft light on this and last week's images. Is it natural or are doing something in post to get that look? Richard

The lighting in these portraits were natural.  The shots were taken in the evening and were filtered further by a large pine tree you cannot see in the background.  Makes for a very soft filtered light. I also ensure the subjects faces were in shadows to prevent shadows on the face.  I also try to position the model in such a place were a bit more sun may hit behind.  Adds a nice glow (aka rim lighting) to the photo.

Post processing:  Lightroom and Perfect Photo Suite 7.  Post processing for my portraits are to reduce contrast and clarity in the face (evens the tones nicely).  I always shoot jpeg so I will play around with color balance a bit (I like a bit warmer tones) and I also will ensure the eyes are sharp and clear.  For me, the eyes are the most important part of the photo as that is where all the emotion is contained.

Thanks for your comments.....

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