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Re: X-M1 - Good move Fuji

mjl699 wrote:

Same potential IQ as the rest of the X range, but smaller and simpler and cheaper. Great for someone who wants the best IQ, but who can't or won't afford an XP- or XE-1. They get the X system and X sensor and can invest in time in lenses ... and go from there.

Presuming the aperture ring really has been removed from the 27mm, is it possible that the main dial on the lends could be switchable between focus and aperture? It's fly-by-wire after all.

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Boom! Spot on.  Theres plenty of dense X users around here who seem to think Fuji is "going in the wrong direction" or "forgetting their roots"... blah blah blah.  The truth is as you say good sir, if someone can't afford the X-E1 but still want a mirrorless camera then plenty of other brands can cater to their needs... but now they needn't look elsewhere and Fuji needn't lose potential long term customers.

Also I think you're bang on about the 27mm switchable ring, especially on the higher bodies.  Select AF and you get an aperture dial... select MF and you get a focus dial.  You'd lose the tactile feel of the aperture notches but it'd still work.  Good idea in my mind.

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'Focus Neo...'

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