Perhaps a silly question on LR vs PS CS

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Re: Perhaps a silly question on LR vs PS CS

Kerry Pierce wrote:

I'm a long time PS CS user and have dabbled with a couple of LR versions, currently LR 4. I'm not really understanding why LR is so popular, probably because of my inexperience with it.

But, my question to those of you who like and use LR, why does it seem so very limited to me? I realize that I can export my LR edits to CS, but to me, LR kinda seems like ACR with a database for file management and a few tools, prior to sending to CS.

Part of my problem is that I don't want/need a DAM. I just want an easy to use program devoted to photographers. CS has been the best that I've found for that, but after reading so many users that seem to like LR 4, I am thinking that I gotta be missing some special things.

I'd appreciate any help on figuring out what I'm missing.



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The ACR interface in Photoshop is laughably crude compared to Lightroom. In fact, I think the entire interface of Photoshop is laughably crude compared to Lightroom. Photoshop's interface is stuck way back in time. I hate it. My advice is take the time to really learn how to use it and all of its features that are not so obvious. I recommend the latest, LR 5, not LR 4.

In a nutshell, Lightroom allows you to do many things much easier and quicker than in Photoshop. One of the tools that is far superior in Lightroom is spot removal which is a combination of a healing and clone tool. It's close to perfection.

The only things I generally miss from Photoshop, funnily enough, are the old auto color and color balance tools which are still very useful, especially the former, for quickly fixing color casts on some  film I am still scanning. For the auto color tool I simply export to an older version of Photoshop Elements and it updates the image in Lightroom. For my digital camera images Lightroom and SPP (I shoot Sigma cameras) is all I need.

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