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Re: G15 to Bali, Indonesia

SkiHound wrote:

Thanks for the link, very informative. I have an E-M5 that overall I really like. I'm looking for a compact companion. My old eyes still have pretty good distance vision and I can do a lot of outdoor activity sans glasses. But without glassess I can't see what I'm doing with an LED, especially in the sun. Instead of point and shoot it's more guess and shoot. The G15 is a bit bigger than I really want but there's not a lot of options with any kind of useable viewfinder. I need to give the G15 a closer look.

Yes, I don't much like using a rear LCD and one of the reasons is the same as you.  The G15's OVF is not as good as a big 100% or near 100% OVF of a DSLR, but it is still adequate.  For street stuff I probably take almost all the photos using the G15 OVF.  I know that more will be in the photo than appears in the OVF and I compensate somewhat by framing very tight.  It doesn't take long to get a feel for about how much will be in the photo.  Then a small amount of cropping, if necessary, later does the rest.  When one really needs a 100% view then the LCD is always there waiting to be used.

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