nikon D800,yesssss or noooo?

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Re: nikon D800,yesssss or noooo?

naeem69 wrote:

but i saw in threads that it reveals more motion blur because of its high pixel count.

If you inspect pixels (1:1) then a higher resolution means that any flaws in your technique or lenses will be more visible as there will be more pixels to show them

But this generally applies to pixels pr. area, so a DX camera with e.g. 24 MP -- a higher pixel density than the D800's -- would be more prone to the same issues.

However, most normal people (those you want to enjoy your photos) will look at the entire photo at some distance, so what really matters is the print size impact of any blur and lens flaws.

If you shoot an image on a D800 and a D600 the motion blur will be exactly the same size in print.

Also, the final resolution of the camera is a function of the resolution of the lens and the sensor. Shooting the same lens on a D600 and a D800, assuming all things equal otherwise, will result in a higher resolution image coming out of the D800 despite any shortcomings of the lens. How much depends on the lens, of course.

my question is this : for a sharp photo,does nikon D800's minimum handheld shutter speed varies from other nikon DSLR bodies?(same conditions & technique/same photographer)

Not for the same intended print size.

But the D800 allows you to print larger or to crop more. And if you do that, you may need to up your shutter speed to compensate.

For most purposes, I "live by" the f/f-length rule, but if I want to freeze action or be able to crop more I will pick a faster shutter speed. For non-VR tele lens work I like to use 1/2*f-length, but I did so also on my DX body (a D300 with a pixel density of 177 ppmm vs the D800's of 204 ppmm).

By the way, the sensor resolution is 167 ppmm for the D600 and a whopping 250 ppmm for the D7100, so if the "rumours" would have been right, not only would the D800 be 22% "worse" than the D600, the D7100 would even have been 50% "worse" But this is not a valid calculation (partly because the D7100 is a cropped camera and you tend to use shorter focal lengths to get the same angle of view)!

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