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Re: Walk before you run

Lin Evans wrote:

Rudi wrote:

No, it is primary for accurate color reproduction.

Hi Rudi,

Amazing that you were quickly able to find what "Bob" could not - LOL. Now I won't be able to collect on my offer for Bob to put his money where his mouth was. Of course he will just argue that CFA sensors are "adequate" for color resolution. I would point him at "numerous" other color resolution tests of CFA and Foveon results with even more revealing deficiencies in CFA spectral resolution, but he would just find another post to accuse me of "bluffing" with.

To me, it's hardly worth arguing with people who simply read about Foveon sensors and assume they have the whole story because someone they "respect" had such and such to say and it mirrored their own bias. Most of the detractors who come here have zero practical experience with Sigma or Foveon, yet wax eloquent about their problems.

Still you do argue ...

And I see that you do some generalisations. I assume I am in the group of "people who simply read about Foveon and assume they have the whole story". Nice to know. How about the group "People that do use the cameras and think they have the whole story"?

It's good for a laugh....

Personally I find laughing at others when you think they are wrong or disagree with their opinions is bad manners. And do be careful when throwing stones. No one is perfect.

Best regards,


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