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Gary Dean Mercer Clark wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

richard stone wrote:

Third, of course, it is clear, or it should be, to anyone reasonably informed on the matter, that the Foveon sensor is superior to the Bayer approach, photon losses, etc., notwithstanding: Read the free DP2M review by Michael Reichman on Luminous Landscape. The Foveon sensor is superior because in this case it can make images using an $800 camera that are equal to or better than cameras costing much more and which are much larger. Now, it might be possible to argue that the current best Foveon sensor and camera iteration is limited in some aspect or other, and that the cameras lack "features." That proves nothing beyond the obvious.

The real issue here is the viewer as much as the cameras. The bottom line is that some people can tell real detail from sharp artifacts, and others can't.

Just because someone has made a career of landscape photography, does not mean that they can tell the difference. They just get their well-chosen and well-timed landscape as apparently-detailed as they can, and that is all that matters to pedestrian viewers, who couldn't care less if a great part of the detail they are seeing is the pixel structure, and not the subject.

Hi John,

Even if what you are posing were correct - and I have serious doubts about that, then, in the immortal words of Bill Murray in Meatballs: "It Just Doesn't Matter."

I've used both Foveon and CFA based systems for a number of years to shoot fine art for numerous Fine Art rt gallery owners - These are some of the most discriminating clients in the photography business. I have "yet" to have one look at one of my Sigma prints and complain in any way about "artifacts" instead of "detail." On the other hand, I have had "most" who were VERY impressed with the Sigma prints. In the vast majority of cases, they preferred the Sigma prints and that's without a clue which camera or sensor was used.

Anything else is only of passing interest to the photographer. It's where the rubber meets the road that is important.

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Foveon gives me an edge over other photographers shooting with Bayer sensored cameras. My foveon images outsell my bayer images 3 to 1. Buyers like the foveon images because they don't look like all the bayer images flooding the world and internet.....

Gary Dean Mercer Clark

Gary: I have read a lot of what has been posted on this thread, and the "advantage" seems to come down to two things: (1) Either an articulation of what you (and Lin) just said, that the images look better or (2) a series of reasons for why the images look better.

The problem with the "reasons" approach (in the forum) is that it gets into a technical discussion, and then degenerates into a contest of measurement. What exactly is being measured we can leave to the imagination.

I long ago came to the conclusion that many people, possibly even most, simply cannot see the difference in the images from Foveon compared to Bayer, let alone see it in in terms of being able to describe what is different. But being able to describe the reasons for the difference is not important (in terms of this forum) if the result is as you (and Lin) describe it. Obviously the differences are important in other contexts.

I was pleasantly surprised when Michael Reichman came out so clearly in his review with his approval of DP2M. One would have thought such an opinion would put an end to this mindless dispute about the Foveon sensor and technology. Or perhaps I was naive in that outlook, and instead one should take the view that until that review (and a few other favorable reviews of the DP2M) the Foveon technology was not seen as a threat to the Bayer systems.


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