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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

Hi Gary,

That's been my experience as well. I'm really weary of discussing the same dumb arguments from people who have never used the equipment and who have demonstrated little or no evidence of their photographic skills, but argue endlessly how it's "impossible" for Foveon based sensors to do this or do that, and as "proof," offer someone else's "opinion" or an endless stream of graphs, charts and such which can be summarily dismissed with a single superior photograph make with a Foveon sensor.

I've often wondered what motivates these people to visit a forum where people using the technology are in general, quite happy and begin "stirring the pot."  Over the years, many of them are the same people who seem to take great delight in starting arguments. Now and then we get a few new ones who are probably so bored with their own photographic efforts that they feel the need to waste our time for their entertainment - as one has admitted.

Best regards,


Gary Dean Mercer Clark wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

Hi John,

Even if what you are posing were correct - and I have serious doubts about that, then, in the immortal words of Bill Murray in Meatballs: "It Just Doesn't Matter."

I've used both Foveon and CFA based systems for a number of years to shoot fine art for numerous Fine Art rt gallery owners - These are some of the most discriminating clients in the photography business. I have "yet" to have one look at one of my Sigma prints and complain in any way about "artifacts" instead of "detail." On the other hand, I have had "most" who were VERY impressed with the Sigma prints. In the vast majority of cases, they preferred the Sigma prints and that's without a clue which camera or sensor was used.

Anything else is only of passing interest to the photographer. It's where the rubber meets the road that is important.

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Foveon gives me an edge over other photographers shooting with Bayer sensored cameras. My foveon images outsell my bayer images 3 to 1. Buyers like the foveon images because they don't look like all the bayer images flooding the world and internet.....

Gary Dean Mercer Clark

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