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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

Playing to the mean is precisely what the CFA technology does.

And our monitors and our printers and every other color display technology we use day to day.

CFA spectral color resolution is poor in relation to Foveon color resolution.

Now you are trying to distinguish between hue/luminance error (and metermerism) and color edge acuity. If the color edge does not match the pixel alignment precisely, then the hue accuracy will be compromised.

that currently under the right conditions it out-performs CFA based sensors in several important ways.

And you have now circled back "I llike Foveon better." I think we know that by know.

What do they hope to accomplish by continuing arguments year after year even when very competent reviewers and photographers praise the results they get with the latest Sigma cameras?

What do you hope to accomplish by praising the output year after year and attacking those who hold a different opinion?

Just asking... And as far as human vision is concerned, yes I do indeed know what I'm talking about.

Then the answer to my question about "intentionally playing ignorant" is a "yes?"

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Let me put it in very plain English Erik. I don't "attack" those who "hold a different opinion." I counter the inane arguments of those who have zero experience with the equipment yet argue ad nauseum that their "numbers, charts and theoretical constructs" mean more that real world experience when it comes to things like color accuracy, color resolution and performance. Opinions are relatively worthless when based on inexperience. I have yet to hear a real "photographer" render these arguments. Primarily I'm hearing it from a few biased "engineers" most of whom have never held a Sigma camera in their hands, yet proffer grandiose arguments telling those with actual experience that they are wrong and offering yet more charts and numbers as "proof" of their "opinions." Numbers and charts do not make or sell photographs. Photographers do that.

All that is necessary to "disprove" these assertions is to visit reviewers and photographers who use the equipment every day and indeed "know" what works and what doesn't work. As I've said on multiple occasions: practical experience trumps theory in every case when they are in opposition.

If you can't understand this, then go back to your theories and find out what is wrong with them. The "proof" is where the rubber meets the road.

Personally, I'll take my own experience and the experience of multiple photographers and reviewers who actually "use" the equipment and take the time to learn "how" to use it correctly. All your arguments to counter reality fall by the wayside.


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