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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

Hi Eric,

I hope you're not working under the mistaken assumption that human color vision is a constant and invariable. I can assure you that it varies a great deal and I'm not talking about color blindness or other pathological conditions - I talking about normal human variability in color perception.

There is a "Standard Model" that is the technical baseline. It represents what most people can see.

Even were human vision a constant, which it is decidedly not, why would a "weakness" (the RGB model as developed in CFA technology) be the optimal solution for producing the best color replication from sensor capture?

The RGB model predates CFA technology by 50 years. Are you playing intentionally ignorant here of color science?

What I'm saying is that human color vision is, on average, far from being perfect and is statistically variable. As far as we know, the variability fits reasonably well into a gausian distribution.  If a mechanism exists to produce results "better" than the human color vision mean, but which can be appreciated by humans on the first standard deviation above the mean while not being deleterious to those beneath, then it makes more sense to develop that mechanism than it does to play to the mean. Playing to the mean is precisely what the CFA technology does.

CFA spectral color resolution is poor in relation to Foveon color resolution. Some colors are better resolved than others with a color filter array, but the deficiencies are quite visible both on screen and in prints for those with a discerning eye. There are issues with Foveon technology still to be resolved but many of us believe that it has both great promise and that currently under the right conditions it out-performs CFA based sensors in several important ways.

The "detractors" who congregate here are nearly "always" those with the least "practical" experience with this technology, yet are the most vocal in criticizing it because it is not "their" choice. What do they hope to accomplish by continuing arguments year after year even when very competent reviewers and photographers praise the results they get with the latest Sigma cameras? Do they somehow believe that by "repeating" the same old tired arguments they are somehow "helping" the poor unfortunate and misinformed here who prefer Foveon results?

Just asking... And as far as human vision is concerned, yes I do indeed know what I'm talking about.


Best regards,


Erik Magnuson wrote:

Rudi wrote:

As I said before - the problem is in the RGB Color model not in the sensors which are capable of delivering more information in an image file.

That's circular reasoning - obviously the sensor has a internally consistent color model. But the best color model that describes human vision is RGB - that's been established for over 80 years now. That's the accuracy that is of interest to anyone doing photographic work to be viewed by humans.

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