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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

OK so getting back on topic... so far all I've read in this post is that the advantages of Foveon are:

* lack of colour moire

* easier time pixel binning

The other stuff has not been properly based in sound reasoning or science and appears to be a matter of preference so won't be included in the list of advantages, especially as it appears to me that the camp arguing against those advantages based on user preference appear to have a more convincing argument IMO.

As for me, I've watched a lot of documentaries there are creatures of this earth that see far more colour than we ever could (Mantis shrimp for instance), there are simulations done in these documentaries showing what we see and how the same scene would be coloured for the various species (e.g. female birds appear dull in colour to us, but to male birds have colours on their plumage which would lift their level of attractiveness). What this tells me is that instrumentation can be built to measure spectral response that we cannot see (duh - IR/UV being obvious examples) and so the goal of a camera is to measure as accurately to what the human vision is capable of seeing and no more.

As for the point made earlier regarding everyone seeing colours differently and therefore making any attempt to standardise colours as being a fruitless exercise, well... you might want to think about that one a little more clearly before proceeding with this line of argument.

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