Any FZ200 Users Here?

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Re: Any FZ200 Users Here?

LMNCT wrote:

You will probably find the bulk of the Bridge Camera users hiding in the Panasonic Forum, but the FZ200 is really a great travel camera that we would do well to investigate. Having a constant f2.8 all through the wide and long (600mm, right?) reach of the lens makes it a si[er all in one camera. The sensor, although small, seems to be very capable. Good camera. The orignal FZ20 had the f 2.8 throughout it's range and the FZ50 did also. I owned both of those and was amazed by what could be done with them. Maybe it is time to get anFZ200.

Small point. All FZ cams after the FZ20 (prior to the FZ200) have not featured constant minimum F-Number lens-systems. The FZ30 and FZ50 lens-systems are F=2.8 (wide) to F=3.7 (telephoto).

The FZ200 has impressive Dynamic Range (actually exceeding the G3 and GX1 at their base ISO settings, when normalized to an 8 Mpixel display-resolution in the default "Print" data display mode):|0/%28brand%29/Panasonic/%28appareil2%29/701|0/%28brand2%29/Panasonic

The Signal/Noise Ratio falls well below M43 image-sensors (around 1.5 EV, or "stop" lower), due the fact that the Crop Factor of the image-sensor is 2.78 times larger than that of a M43 image-sensor.

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