Any FZ200 Users Here?

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Re: Any FZ200 Users Here?

I don't use an FZ200, but I shoot with a super-experienced photographer who does. He has written many books on Alaskan wildlife, and he has long used superzooms for a variety of purposes and for all around light hikers. He controls it remotely with a couple different controllers and a Cactus motion detector. His Nikon flashes work well on it (and it has a higher sync than a dslr). He has two Rayco attachments, one for extra reach, another for macro, and both work very well. He can zoom in on a mosquito emerging from larva form in some water on his kitchen table. He set it hear his bird feeder and got some amazing fighting pine siskin shots using a remote and flash.

I've shot side by side with him using my OMD with the sharp OLY 50-200 and EC14 attached, with FL600r flash, aiming at a hummingbird nest. The OMD managed a little more detail, but the flash really helped even out any differences for his camera.

It's a nice all around shooter, with some limitations. If you are using it for the web or for making slightly smaller prints (like with books) it works very well.

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