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Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Bobn2 wrote:

What is a 'color gradient'?

To be more specific, what is a 'color'?

A good question.

For an RGB image, a color is an RGB triple in some color space.

If the Foveon sensors has a wider curve in the red part of the spectrum, this does mean that it can see "more colors" but also means that it cannot distinguish between them, like a B&W sensor (with no color filter). If that curve is significantly different than that of the human eye, then it is a poor approximation of the human vision.

How is it possible to "see" more colors, yet not be able to distinguish between them? I'm having difficulty visualizing such a situation. A color is, in the relevant sense, a frequency -  an arbitrarily selected part of a continuum. If I "see" more colors then I "see" more frequencies. If I see more frequencies then there are more discrete hues detected by my visual cortex.

My experience with Foveon based cameras and CFA based cameras is extensive. What you have described is absolutely "not" what I see in the real world. I see my Foveon based cameras distinguishing more levels of green and red than my CFA based cameras. When I compare the "real world" which I have just photographed using a Foveon sensor AND a CFA sensor, I find that the results from the Foveon sensor more closely approximates what my eyes see than the results with my pro-level CFA sensors when I compare the real-time subject with the post processed results from both sensors. My experiences are, by consensus, more frequent than not among Sigma camera users.

What is your real world experience with Foveon sensors? You pseudonym suggests you shoot Canon. I also shoot Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Olympus.

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