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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

richard stone wrote:

Third, of course, it is clear, or it should be, to anyone reasonably informed on the matter, that the Foveon sensor is superior to the Bayer approach, photon losses, etc., notwithstanding: Read the free DP2M review by Michael Reichman on Luminous Landscape. The Foveon sensor is superior because in this case it can make images using an $800 camera that are equal to or better than cameras costing much more and which are much larger. Now, it might be possible to argue that the current best Foveon sensor and camera iteration is limited in some aspect or other, and that the cameras lack "features." That proves nothing beyond the obvious.

The real issue here is the viewer as much as the cameras.  The bottom line is that some people can tell real detail from sharp artifacts, and others can't.

Just because someone has made a career of landscape photography, does not mean that they can tell the difference.  They just get their well-chosen and well-timed landscape as apparently-detailed as they can, and that is all that matters to pedestrian viewers, who couldn't care less if a great part of the detail they are seeing is the pixel structure, and not the subject.

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