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Re: link: Dick Merrill's posts

John Sheehy wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:


Are you somehow construing that you think this is SteveG (or one of his 33 persona) writing on behalf of or in the name of Merrill? A bit confused, although I think I should not be.

That was my gut feeling, and someone else ten years ago had the same feeling, as I read further on.

The language was a bit fanatical and simplistic to be from a sensor designer. It read like a fanatical person holding back on the fanaticism significantly from their perspective, but brimming with subliminal fanaticism.

Well I would not put it quite like that, but Dick was an exceptionally focussed person. And the day he spent here on the forum was remarkable for his colleagues at Foveon as well.

Normally, Dick arrived early in the day and went to his lab. On this day, he announced that he "had had enough" and went to his cubicle. Word spread that Dick was up to something. Other employees regularly checked the forum anyway. When they saw him, they could not believe it but knew it was him: they knew he never used the shift key (which was the basis of Sam's doubt). The underlying intensity should be taken as a sign of how much he was committed to what he believed was better and correct. I miss him sorely.

At that time, Foveon employees were not permitted to post under their own names. Several were regulars on this forum for years, but under aliases. They made significant contributions to the sanity side. Dick also made an exception for himself there and to hëll with what the golf players would say.

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