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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

Hi Eric,

I hope you're not working under the mistaken assumption that human color vision is a constant and invariable. I can assure you that it varies a great deal and I'm not talking about color blindness or other pathological conditions - I talking about normal human variability in color perception.

Even were human vision a constant, which it is decidedly not, why would a "weakness" (the RGB model as developed in CFA technology) be the optimal solution for producing the best color replication from sensor capture?

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Erik Magnuson wrote:

Rudi wrote:

As I said before - the problem is in the RGB Color model not in the sensors which are capable of delivering more information in an image file.

That's circular reasoning - obviously the sensor has a internally consistent color model. But the best color model that describes human vision is RGB - that's been established for over 80 years now. That's the accuracy that is of interest to anyone doing photographic work to be viewed by humans.

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