Lighter, smaller, high-quality FX lenses

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Re: Lighter, smaller, high-quality FX lenses

Jose Rocha wrote:

pipee wrote:

Not exactly high quality, but very sharp, and has the fastest focus I have ever seen:

Nikkor 28-80 3.3-5.6g

What?? That lens may be sharp but that's the only plus I find in it. It was my very first lens. Of everything you said I cannot remotely agree with you on AF speed, I will not say it's the lousiest lens ever, but I assure you it's worse than average consumer lens. Even my 50mm 1.8G has faster AF...

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Are you sure it was the G version not the D?

It had a slow zoom, distorts at 28mm and has horrible build quality.

But it makes up for it in portability, sharpness across the frame and AF speed (on my version). You get an FX zoom for half the cost of the cheapest DX zoom.

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