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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Rudi wrote:

Those values (for orange color for example) are clearly measured and are the results of simply adding / substracting the three values comming from sensor output lines. With CFA Sensors you need a lot of reference values and have to do interpolation to get the the closest value.

You are missing the point. There is a lot of information already lost in those three values. Real colors cannot be encoded with three values.

I don´t think I´m missing something. You just proof what I was trying to show and you´re right as far as CFA Sensors are concerned. The Foveon is able to give You all the values above, inbetween and below the RGB channels as a direct signal. No interpolation, no guessing or estimating.

I don´t want to discuss the fundamentals of the Foveon Sensor. There is plenty of literature from the founders of Foveon and the X3F Sensor on the WEB. Just google for Carver Mead, Dick Lion and Dick Merrill.

My question goes in a different direction "is today´s RGB Model sufficent for future sensor generations other than CFA sensors, would CMYK be any better or do we need a new definition / a new standard for photographic applications ?"

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