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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

Hi Chris,

It has to do with levels of gray. The nomenclature 255,255,255 represents one each value of 256 R,B and G (zero to two hundred fifty five) values: Essentially 4095, 4095, 4095 is identical to 255, 255, 255 in terms of white. See this reference for clarification:

Link to clarify....

Best regards,


cquarksnow wrote:

Hello, Lin -

In an earliest post on this thread you mention white 255,255,255.

My DP1M white is 4095,4095,4095 and one preoccupation I have a about color is the illuminant, white point coordinates (plankian ?)and gamma produced by SPP 5.5.1 "ProPhoto" 16bpc *.tif as I have read so many different views on the subject. Is it D65, plankian and Γ 2.2 , or anything else ?
I sent e-mails to Sigma support but they did not respond so far.

Maybe that's why there are so many views about color accuracy...


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