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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

Roland: What Bob seems to have accomplished, as I noted in the other thread, is to convince many others that his claims and opinions are fact and that he is posting in good faith, with an honest desire for information and understanding. And that he is entitled to demand that others refute his claims.


First, if Bob (and that name is as useful as any other) asks a question, it is certainly reasonable to give him an answer, but if he is truly seeking information he is not going to argue with or dispute what is presented. That is, why ask if you already know the answer?

Second, if Bob truly has some view on the matter, and it seems he does, well, its a free country, I guess, and he can say what he wants, but there is no logic or system that suggests that others have to somehow prove him wrong. It is his burden to prove what he is saying is accurate or true, or useful, or some such thing. Proving someone wrong may be scientific, in some aspects, but the problem is with the word prove or the act of proving. No one has to prove Bob is wrong. He has the burden of showing why and how he is right. As it is, all he has done is express his rationale for his preference for Bayer sensors. Well, fair enough.

Third, of course, it is clear, or it should be, to anyone reasonably informed on the matter, that the Foveon sensor is superior to the Bayer approach, photon losses, etc., notwithstanding: Read the free DP2M review by Michael Reichman on Luminous Landscape. The Foveon sensor is superior because in this case it can make images using an $800 camera that are equal to or better than cameras costing much more and which are much larger. Now, it might be possible to argue that the current best Foveon sensor and camera iteration is limited in some aspect or other, and that the cameras lack "features." That proves nothing beyond the obvious.

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