Some simple Mac questions

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Re: Some simple Mac questions

MikeFromMesa wrote:

Apparently sharing from Windows to Mac is simple since the Mac can read NTFS. However sharing the other way seems more than difficult. If I want to write photos from the Mac to an external usb drive and have those available for Windows I will need to use FAT 32 or get some Windows drivers to read those files. Apparently Paragon sells drivers for both directions.

There are no drivers necessary for Windows to read or write to FAT32. Almost all memory cards used in cameras are formated as FAT32 (or earlier versions like FAT16). And USB sticks are in my experience also almost always formatted as FAT32 (which is the reason the use of them for file 'sharing' between Macs and Windows PCs is quite common). FAT32 is limited to a maximum file size of 4 GB which is the reason for video length limitation in some cameras. Its 'successor' exFAT removes that file size limit. It is supported by Windows starting with Vista SP1 but support can be added to Windows XP via an update from Microsoft.

What Paragon sells is support for HFS+ under Windows.

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