K-01 first impressions:

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drummercam wrote:

Agreed -- The initial criticisms of the K-01 got out of hand. It became bashing, much of which came from people whom it was evident had never touched the camera.

After reading many complaints about the grip, I've concluded it comes from the normal tendency with larger grips to hold the camera at your side with right-hand fingertips, which you can't do with the K-01 if it has a larger lens on it. The K-01 does seem better suited to smaller lenses, but -- duh -- it was designed with the 40mm XS, people, just about the smallest lens in the universe. I think the K-01 rather obviously hit its design mark in this respect, if you want to focus on intent of design. I concede, however, that 40mm on APS-C is too long. Maybe Pentax should have gone with that design that briefly surfaced having rear elements inside the mounting flange.

The flap is fine . . . .

I like the camera, especially with the small Ltd lenses. My only problem is bright daylight use when I cannot see the screen well enough to dial in a polarizing filter with confidence. Finding a quality polarizer for the 40mm XS is hard, too. If Pentax wants to get back in the business of making SMC filters (I wish they would), they can start with that one and I will be first in line.

I don't know whether or not you'd already considered this, but there's one fairly easy solution to that problem. Don't get a filter for the XS, just use the one you already have!


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