LF1 Gallery of Professinal Street Photos by Jesse Marlow

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Re: Wow. Photos like that can sell any camera.

claudemc wrote:

that's why I'm not happy with LF1, it's not a baby LX7, If it was I would keep it;

I tested a bit more this afternoon, white balance issues, EVF bring nothing to me (it is very unconfortable, maybe presbytie is my problem), dynamic range is OK, corner quality too,

but when you take a shot, the picture you took appears a bit after the shot, so it's like a Tango, you see the picture going back to alf a second before the image you see on screen, it's the first time I see it.

You can't do like with canon cam and maintain half way the shutter button to fix AE/AF and shoot quickly, so the shot to shot delay is too long for me.

panorama is only one way (left to right) and the quality is not really impressive (less than sony HX?V)

No manual setting for video (it's confirmed in the PDF manual present on the CD)

the only thing i can't complain is the quality of portraits at 200mm.

a bit disapointed by the definition, P7700 does really better, it's a bit BSI CMOS washed effect.

It's really a shame panasonic forget LX7 functions like shutter setting in video or colour fine setting, EVF was an excellent idea but IMHO they didn't tested it with 50 years old eyes, even to playback it's not useful for me, the only thing maby is energy saving...

So LX7 for 24mm F1.4, RX100 for definition in a compact body, LF1 for 200mm good IQ and really intuitive settings and S110 for compact 24mm.

Thank you.  Valuable perspective.  And makes it clear that each choice is a compromise.  I'll have to check out the LF1's EVF on my own aging eyes to see that one makes sense for me . . .

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