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Les Berkley wrote:

First one isn't too bad, although the vignette is too heavy, and her hair is all over the place. On the second one, we are looking up her nose. I like the pose and outfit on the third one, but her expression looks like she wants to get out of that chair as quickly as possible. Again, too much vignette.

This. The way over the top vignette is the first this I see, then its the messy hair. Messy hair can work, but only if you make it a thing, otherwise it wants to be as tidy as possible, every time it gets messy get a brush in there. Other options there would be to shoot at a much faster aperture to get a softer shot where the hair is already OOF and not distracting. However, shot 1 without the vignetting (shoot against a darker background if you don't like it bright, or light it less and move the model forward away from it), and with well brushed hair would be nice. Braces she has whether you show them or not, I wouldn't shy away from them.

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