Starting fine art printing with Epson Stylus Pro 7890.. or 9890

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faith_ps wrote:

Last night I printed two A1 sizes on the 9890 using Prem Lustre 260. Upon switching ON, the machine went into self cleaning. OK, I don't mind the wait. But how much ink does this cleaning consume? I think this machine has cleaning set periodically. Is it good to do so?

I have turned off auto cleaning, but print a nozzle check every day, and clean nozzle pairs when necessary. If you are not prepared to do a nozzle check at least once a day, then I would leave auto cleaning on.

So, what's that "Clogged nozzle detected and cleaning..." message. Should I go to cleaning mode again and waste ink?

If it detects a nozzle clog, then you should do a cleaning on the pair of nozzles. You do not want to have to do a super cleaning cycle if the clog gets worse. That would use an awful lot of ink.

Also my LB ink is running low and blinking all the time. The ink supply level when I checked on my preview is slightly lower than the line. How low is it to be changed. What if it went out during me printing a job half way?

I don't know what you mean by 'slightly lower than the line'. What line?

There is no problem changing cartridges during a print. If you read the manual, that is what it tells you to do.

But note: it cannot or will not perform a cleaning on a pair if one of the two ink levels is below 2%, and it can refuse to print at that point. So you need to buy replacement cartridges to have on hand when ink levels get low. After the cleaning, you can put the old cartridge back in and run it until it empties. You do not want to replace cartridges the machine says are one or two percent, Epson's 1-2% could easily be 5%.

LK (B would be blue, K is black) will go first, because it shares a channel and twice as much is used when initializing the printer. Order an LK cartridge now.

Brian A

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