Is there a REALLY effective way to get more Zoom from a Pany 100-300mm?

Started Jun 23, 2013 | Questions thread
Sean Nelson
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Re: Atmospheric conditions are typically the limiting factor, not the lens.

QuakeO wrote:

But because the thread title is about "zoom", a newcomer might be misled into confusing reach with fov.

I have yet to hear the word "reach" used in conjunction with a telephoto or zoom lens where it didn't mean the same thing as "field of view".

The usual bones of contention with regard to the difference between a given focal length on M43 and on cameras with larger sensors has to do with light gathering ability and with depth of field.   Neither of those would be described as "reach".

The reality is that in terms of field of view (which determines how much your subject fills your frame when shot from a given distance) 300mm on M43 gives you the same result as 600mm on a full-frame camera, with the sole caveat that the aspect ratios are different and therefore there may be some quibbles about whether you should measure FOV as the horizontal, diagonal or vertical aspect of the frame.

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