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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Bobn2 wrote:

There is no misunderstanding,

There actually was.

Lin meant spatial color resolution at pixel level, and there Foveon is better.

You meant color space color resolution.

And then you added spatial color resolution as a possible alternative, but scaled because Bayer imagers have more pixels.

Not that it is important - just saying

Even then, no misunderstanding. His statement was

'I have told you that CFA sensors have very poor color resolution.'

This statement is untrue. CFA sensors do not have 'very poor' colour resolution under either definition.

If the definition is 'spatial colour resolution', then they have adequate, not very poor resolution. Their chroma channel resolution is half that of the Foveon sensor, but since most, if not all display and transmission methods for colour images decimate the chroma channels in any case, that is adequate. In fact it could be argued that Foveon wastes raw file space by encoding colour information that will never be used. If one takes into account that Bayer sensors are available with higher absolute resolution, then the argument that they have 'very poor' colour resolution becomes even less tenable.

I am arguing with someone who chooses to argue with unsubstantiated rhetoric and argumentum ad hominem. That's not a complaint, just a recognition of what it is, and the type of discussion it will produce.

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