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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

Bobn2 wrote:

I have told you that CFA sensors have very poor color resolution.

You have then told me an untruth.

It's not obvious that you not only have a deficit in your understanding of Foveon technology, but also a deficit in your knowledge of CFA sensors...

Guys! You are Chimpanzee fighting with broad swings

Instead of claiming the other one wrong all the time - stop and think!

There is obviously a misunderstanding here.

There is no misunderstanding, what there is is Lin's insistence on conduction the discussion on an 'argumentum ad hominem' level. That is, he does not give evidence to support his point of view, or logical arguments which support it, he tries to discredit the person making the counter argument. This seems to be his modus operandi. It makes for this kind of discussion, which has entertainment value, if you like that kind of thing, but little informative value.

I don't see it as much of a problem, I can have sensible discussions with the likes of you, and provide the entertainment with the likes of Lin. That way both people who like information and those who like entertainment are happy. All it does is use a little more of DPReview's disc space.

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