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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

Lin Evans wrote:

Joe Wisniewski, a man who has actually designed Foveon sensors into equipment. Someone who actually knows how colour reproduction works. So, if I sound like him, it's not a surprise. He's right and I am too.

How does one "design Foveon sensors" into equipment? That's got to be the most convoluted use of the term "design" I've heard yet. One might "design" equipment around a Foveon sensor, but Joe has not "designed" Foveon sensors, period.

Use of a designers vernacular, or have you not seen the phrase 'design in' before? Not that it is in any way relevant to this discussion.

Why am I not surprised you are familiar - LOL...

I don't know why, care to elucidate?

I have told you that CFA sensors have very poor color resolution.

You have then told me an untruth.

It's not obvious that you not only have a deficit in your understanding of Foveon technology, but also a deficit in your knowledge of CFA sensors...

You have told me an untruth that CFA sensors have very poor colour resolution. They do not. Of course it depends what you mean by 'color resolution'. If by it you mean resolution in a colour space, then you are wrong, they can produce very good resolution - this is the figure that DxOmark measures as 'colour sensitivity' and Bayer cameras routinely produce over 21 bits - that is 2 million distinguishable colours. If you mean sampling frequency in the chroma channels, you are also wrong. It is adequate. Not as 'good' in relationship to the pixel scale as Foveon cameras, but then Bayer cameras are available with higher pixel counts, so it rather evens out. So, whatever what you said was an untruth.

It has been demonstrated "scientifically" by color resolution chart photography multiple times and right here on dPReview.

I have never seen such a scientific demonstration. Maybe you could reference once such.

Why should I do all the work for you Bob - you're the one who admits you haven't seen such and yet tell me I'm wrong. I suggest you try a search for color resolution.

Did the search, found the 7000 odd hits, went down the first 100, didn't find anything remotely close to a 'scientific demonstration', came to the conclusion that you are bluffing again.

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