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Re: Advantages of Foveon sensor

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Bobn2 wrote:

What is a 'color gradient'?

To be more specific, what is a 'color'?

A good question.

For an RGB image, a color is an RGB triple in some color space.

Exactly, and each of the 'R', 'G' and 'B' channels is defined as a function of light frequencies, not a single frequency.

NOTE that most Bayer CFA sensors are reasonable good RGB sensors.

RAW Foveon images don't have any colors in the normal sense.

Well they do, the Foveon 'filters' nave their own frequency response and so define a colour space of their own. It is just that the response is way different from the CIE primaries, so the colour space is very far from any CIE or other commonly used RGB space

But - you can use some method to convert it to RGB. Then, each pixel gets an RGB color. And - depending on method you get different colors.

Certainly, but I understand that it requires non-linear maths to get the Foveon colour space close to CIE.

Metamerism might make it impossible to do this conversion correct.


Then, of course, all is made more complicated by the need of color profiles for your devices, e.g. the camera and that you have image editors (e.g. SPP) that may transform the RGB triples, in arbitrary strange ways.

It is further transforms to device specific spaces - it helps f the spaces are not oo dissimilar.

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