Need Assistance with PC Specs

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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

Update on new PC:

- one of the first things that I recommend people do before an upgrade is to review the size of their Lightroom cache, workflow, backup and archive strategies. This is important when you have a very large number of images. If you only have 5-10 K of images not much of a concern, but 50k of images with large size previews in the cache is a concern. You can quickly have a 256 gb cache. Especially if you shoot with a large mp camera.

- think about the use of the DNG lossy compression option for your 1 or 2 stars pictures and using the full dng format for your keepers. Recommend a workflow review when getting a new pc and selecting options that works best for him/her?

- for those who are doing a pc upgrade and moving to windows 8. I highly recommend you purchase Start8 from Stardock. This will bring back the start button, menus, etc. Apart from the user interface issues on windows 8 it is a very good operating system and very secure from a code perspective. As I work in information security it is my choice for an OS. Fanboys will give a jaded opinion on operating systems. I don't have a bias as I have to work with them all.  Every operating system has its warts and blemishes.

- the startup speed and application start times are very impressive on the new pc. I am still doing software installs so I haven't done any image processing just yet. Soon.

- as for the discussions about 1 or 2 ssd's or i5 or i7. I would say that an upgrade in one area can reveal a bottleneck in another area. For a user with a smaller catalogue/images a 256 gb ssd mated with an i5 processor would make for a good user experience.  Using any extra dollars would best be put towards a monitor calibration unit, better monitor or photographic education.

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