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Lin Evans wrote:

Really John,

A camera "should not" be able to record a black pixel next to a white one??? If it could, it would represent "reality" much better than our best cameras do. In reality there are no "pixels" separating black from white. There is, under microscopic examination, black and then there is white. They lie "immediately" adjacent to one another.

A camera which better "approximates" this produces a "sharper" image. The more transiting pixels at edge boundaries the softer the image. There are myriad so called "sharpening" techniques which attempt to fool our eyes and brains into thinking that fewer of these pixels exist - that's what edge contrast enhancement is all about.

You are stereotyping "Sigma Fans." This Sigma fan is interested in "performance" and image quality. Where my Sigma cameras do it best I use them; where my CFA cameras do it best I use them. It's really quite simple actually.


John is in a way right.

Because, if the camera can detect a black pixel just besides a white pixel, then you can get aliasing.

Now ... we have decided that aliasing is better than fuzziness. Thats why we throw away the AA filter.

But, if the SD1 had 150 MP instead of 15 MP, then it would be an advantage if it could not do it.

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