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Re: I'm absolutely not

ljfinger wrote:

Jeff wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

Folders by date is nuts. It's nothing but redundant metadata in the most important and compatible metadata field - path/filename.

That's what I said, and is part of the DAM Book approach. Folders are only convenient 'buckets' for holding files, and their names should be irrelevant.

No, I said the opposite.

Dates are redundant. The most important and compatible metadata field of all is the path/filename. Wasting it on irrelevant and redundant metadata is foolish, and the DAM book is dead wrong on this topic and has led many astray in my opinion.

OK, I now get your meaning and think I understand your point.

But I have to respectfully disagree. The most useful thing for a filename, imho, is that it be unique serial number for the image. The most useful thing about folders is storage containers for managing location on disk, backups, and the like.  For some folders are a useful way of organizing materials related to discreet assignments, which makes sense. For me chronological organization of folders by year, season, perhaps major event makes sense.  But the to embed more detailed meaning to the folder names, imho, is using the wrong tool for the job.

Use metadata for metadata.  Use filenames as serial numbers, folders as storage object.  Separating these functions is a basic principle of the DAM book, with which I agree.

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