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Lin Evans wrote:

Bobn2 wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

Hi Mike,

The issue with color "accuracy," as you say, is primarily one of post capture processing, however, no amount of post processing can retrieve subtle variations of hue which were not captured in the first place.

No Bob,

This is exactly the problem with the CFA sensor. If subtle variations of color are not captured - and they are often not captured with CFA sensors, then they can't be reproduced in the finished image or print.

Well you reverse the truth to support the unsupportable. These are teh responses of the cones in the eye:

So ro accurately reproduce colours as the same colour as we see, we have to capture these three stimuli, that means having a response which matches these three. Organic colour filters don't do it perfectly, but they do it pretty well. The Foveon filters do it less well. Organic to the left, Foveon to the right:

They both need an IR cut filter to take out the red. Not how much wider the Blue and Red are, ow much more overlap. That simply means the sensor cannot distinguish as many colours, and gets more of them wrong (high metamerism).

You come to the Sigma forum with the attitude of a few others we see here who do not have and use Sigma digital cameras. You attempt to "school" us in what is wrong with the sensor which we use every day and have a great deal of experience with. Your "experience" is apparently based on what you have "read" elsewhere and not on your own experience. You have obviously not "seen" tests of color "resolution" between CFA sensor and Foveon sensors, some of which were done by dPReview and many others by various reviewers. You have evidently not see the very plain evidence for CFA sensor's inability to properly render red hues.

The facts are the facts. Your subjective preference is your preference. There is nothing wrong at all with you preferring the Foveon's colour response, but it is simply not as accurate as the organic colour filter. You should be able to express your preference without needing to bend fact to make your preference somehow 'factual'.

We tire here of having to constantly explain to non-Sigma users who visit this forum what everyone here already knows. If you hang around long enough, you "may" learn a few more things which you "thought" you already knew, but are quite mistaken about.

The topic of the thread is what are the advantages of the Foveon filter - now one can take that in an objective way or a subjective way. Your way is to say 'it's better because I like it', nothing wrong with that, but the objective facts remain the facts.

I and other forum members here have neither the time nor the inclination to educate every visitor who comes here to "straighten us out" about Foveon technology.

Then don't do it.

You may "think" that you are correct because you have read "all about it" elsewhere. Until you actually "use" the cameras and put in the necessary time and effort to truly know what you are talking about, you are simply an irritation wasting our bandwidth with arguments which have already been discussed ad nauseum.

All I have done is put across what is the actuality - you seem to wish to create a fantasy of your own to support your preference. There is no need, your preference is valid for you just because it is your preference - but it isn't valid for everyone else. I haven't said anything derogatory about your choice or Sigma cameras, simply what is the fact of the matter about the performance of Foveon sensors.

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