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Re: The post processing challenge

Charles2 wrote:

DMillier wrote:

I would say every sigma model seems to have different colour. The newer ones look better to me' more bluish' less yellow green. Five on [Foveon? dictating to voice recognition software?] method is prone to getting wildly wrong sometimes. Desaturates colours in shadows too. But overall, colours look good these days.

Yes, Foveon cameras deliver some scenes with "weird" color palettes, whether from the sensor, the firmware processing or the innermost development of the image in SPP.

In post processing, is it possible to unravel these situations of color strangeness? Techniques are not easy to obtain. I've read scattered suggestions across many posts on several forums. As usual, their validity and general applicability require considerable trial on one's own shots.


I've got a shot that I loved but have given up on working through its color issues. On the other hand, there have been some shots that were absolutely made better color-wise because of Foveon's unique color rendering.

Foveon giveth and taketh.

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