Is there a REALLY effective way to get more Zoom from a Pany 100-300mm?

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Re: Is there a REALLY effective way to get more Zoom from a Pany 100-300mm?

SirSeth wrote:

There are not TCs that offer AF and it's not an expectation that is really reasonable on such a slow lens. To maintain AF on a lens that is already slow on the long end (aperture wise) would be quite a trick. I would look to more advanced implementation of digital TCs before technology conquers the hurdle of making slow lenses compatible with reasonably proficient AF TCs.

So basically, if you want more reach, you're looking at a different lens--probably manual (Unless you change to Canon or Nikon and buy a multi-thousand dollar super tele. I use a 300mm f2.8 + 1.4x + 2.0x manual focus behemoth. It was pretty reasonable at $550. It's a Tamron SP. I plan on adding the Nikkor 400mm f3.5 + TCs eventually. It requires a tripod of serious weight and stability to move up to something with more reach. Excess of 7lbs for my tripod without head. A gimbal head is almost mandatory for really efficient use. Add another couple hundred. I don't know how much you want reach. I'm also curious to know if you are using your digital magnification on a tripod or not. IQ at high magnification than 300mm drops off very quickly because of shake issues.



I don't think the AF speed loss would be noticeable at, say, 420mm/8.0 w/ a 1.4x TC on the 100-300, and it would be interesting to see how it held up to a Panny dedicated one for it. On a tripod I find the 100-300 quite good stopped down a bit at 300mm.

I used the excellent Oly 4/3 EC-20 on my P-L 14-150/MA-1 adapter with surprisingly good IQ at 300mm/11, and no real change in the AF speed - which was slow to start with - this on my GH1. Unfortunately sold the TC with the rest of my 4/3 lenses and E-30...The 50-200 was excellent with the TC, but no AF.



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