How do I set up an external NEC Monitor in extended desktop mode?

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Re: How do I set up an external NEC Monitor in extended desktop mode?

uintaangler wrote:

Below is a response I got to a query about shutting off the display on my IMac because of not having workspace to view both monitors - I have created the space and am asking for help in how to set it up as suggested below....

Normally people who bought an extra display would run both of them simultaneously, in extended desktop mode. The NEC display might display photo content, while the iMac screen displayed tool palettes and browser windows, for instance.

I would like to have the image I am working on in Lightroom be displayed on the NEC display and the sliders, tools, etc be on the IMac screen

For general use, just connect the external monitor (and switch it on), then go to System Preferences -> Display, select the Arrangement tab, ensure the 'Mirror Displays' option is unchecked, arrange the two monitors by dragging their depictions and finally drag the menu bar therein (the thin white bar in that blue depiction of a monitor) to the monitor on which you want to have it (which is then the primary monitor for the OS).

For single window applications like Lightroom, you are somewhat at the mercy of what options their developers included. To my knowledge, one cannot detach any element of the UI (eg, the adjustments panel) to a separate window with LR. It, however, has extra controls for what one can separate out to a second display (eg, the Grid or Compare view). The only way to move the adjustment tools to a second window is by just making the whole LR window stretch over to the second monitor such that the adjustment panel shows up on the other monitor (but this doesn't work in fullscreen mode, Aperture with its HUD approach makes it easier to move all sorts of controls to another monitor).

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