How do I set up an external NEC Monitor in extended desktop mode?

Started Jun 23, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: How do I set up an external NEC Monitor in extended desktop mode?

If Lightroom doesn't show the image and the sliders on the monitor you want, and you can't configure that from Lightroom, then use the above mentioned System Preferences:: Display window to set the external (NEC) monitor as your primary monitor.

Lightroom manages two displays itself once they are attached to the Mac and recognised and configured by OS X using OS X System Preferences. Set the monitor you want with your panels, etc., on as the main monitor by launching Lightroom from the dock on that monitor.

Once you have launched Lightroom, then under Window menu in Lightroom is where you can see Secondary Display. Set those menu options how you want in terms of Loupe, etc.. and that view will now appear on the secondary display. Lightroom remembers the layout you want when you quit and restart. You can't move individual Lightroom module sub panels around across displays though, and there are other limitations like Slideshow and Soft-proofing only use the main display and not the secondary.

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