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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

WatsonPhoto wrote:

Here is an update, after considering all of the recommendations provided. I placed the order yesterday.

BitFenix mini ITX case

Corsair CX600M power supply

LG Optical drive (still need to load some software)

Intel i7-4770 CPU

Asrock Z87E-ITX motherboardPatriot Viper 3Mamba black 16 gb memory

Samsung Pro series 256gb SSD

Samsung Pro series 512gb SSD

Windows 8


I didn't order the USB3 card as the motherboard has 6 USB3 and 6 USB2 ports.

Video card was not ordered either, going with the integrated graphics on the i7 Haswell series

Although some may not agree with the choices above, bottom line was I didn't want a huge PC case taking up room in my den. The second SSD was also needed to facilitate my future change to my processing workflow.

As with every PC build there are choices and tradeoffs to be made, but I am reasonably confident I will have a machine that will last me the next 5 years.

So how did the build go? I'm looking at the same stuff you just bought except I don't need 2 SSD drives. I mostly use Lightroom for light editing cropping and exposure adjustment stuff. Thinking of going i5 instead.

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