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Re: Color Accuracy as Reality

Although I agree in substance, we can indeed often do more than use our "own infallible memories" when it comes to verifying colors. Obviously, when shooting most landscapes, wildlife and other ephemeral subjects, we necessarily depend on our memories to guide us in recreating our subject accurately. But when we are photographing art or still life, taking portraits or other subject matter which we can, post processing, view and compare with the results of our manipulations, know pretty accurately whether we have been successful.

In the end, however, as you say it's really about creating images which either you are pleased with.

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dmaclau wrote:

I'm starting to believe that a parasite of sorts infects our brain at birth and subtly alters it's chemistry throughout our lives. How else to understand all the different simultaneous "realities." Colors are reality when seen, but only then. They're then processed by a lens, camera, computer, screen and perhaps a printer. The color guide through each of these steps is our own infallible memory of what we thought we saw. Hmmm.

Color perception like art is not scientifically definable. Not yet at least. Within it's range a Foveon sensored camera is capable of quite unique and stunning imagery. This is certainly true for colors and transfers quite well into B&W.

What I'm reading here are various attempts to parse that into individual elements which may then be "scientifically" dis-proved. OK. If that's what floats your boat. I have to ask what is to be gained though.

Although most images are not good, I seem to generate more little masterpieces with the Sigma than with any other camera I've used. The color signature is quite different and pleasing and they are much better for B&W.

Go ahead and scientifically prove that a photon can't double fribble a pixel. Or demonstrate why upsizing one image and combining with a downsized image from another camera and then sideways sizing the lot while rubbing a cut potato on a wart...what on earth are you getting on about? Are you creating images you're pleased with? No? Move on. Yes? That's wonderful! Not shooting at all? Pull up your socks and get out of the house.

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