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Really fine greens

SandyF wrote:

mike earussi wrote:

I would never claim "greater color accuracy" as one of the Foveon advantages, as color accuracy seems to be more a result of the software processing the raw files than any inherent property of the chip (as such, many Bayer cameras have greater color accuracy than Sigma's Foveon bodies). I would, though, claim a greater possibility for more tonal variations within a specific color range due to the high overlap of colors in the chip compared to more narrow color cutoff of Bayer filtration.

I agree, greater tonal variation. For examples with multiple greens, look at all the green variations iwithin one photo in my new Hawaiian vegetation shots on flickr. I find the Sigma cameras capture these variations better than my Canon 5DII. Of course since I didn't take the Canon to Hawaiian, I cannot prove this to DMillier's satisfaction LOL

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