What is the best non-Adobe photo processing software for Apple?

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Aperture questions

Steven Wandy wrote:

I assume you are making this statement because of all the comments about how Aperture's file organization is considered better than LR. It is not however "more for organizing". It is a full featured RAW and photo developer. Many people use these types of programs (Aperture and Lightroom), like me, to do 95% of their photo post processing.

A question about Aperture from someone who has never used it.

I am switching to the Mac and was wondering if Aperture would fill my processing needs. Does Aperture do masking? Layers? Is there decent lens distortion adjustment functionality? How is the noise reduction and sharpening?

Just wondering since I will need to either move my current Windows software over (LR, PhotoShop, PhotoNinja) or replace it with Mac specific software (Aperture, Pixelmator, ...).


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