D800E panorama.. 174mp of city skyline in 20 seconds of shooting

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Re: D800E panorama.. 174mp of city skyline in 20 seconds of shooting

Ernie Misner wrote:

Very interesting and .... nice! What are your suggestions for shooting panos hand held? For example perhaps, check virtual horizon to see where "level" is for front to back tilt and try to keep that in mind as you shoot the series? Overlap a lot.... etc.? Thanks loads.

Checked the exposure, took a trial shot. Changed it to manual and dialled it in: with the D800E I didn't want to forfeit that extra bite and had no incentive to have a higher aperture. So manually exposed, then focused and switched the focus over to manual too. Next turned on virtual horizon, I was shooting upwards a few notches, as the top of the buildings were more important than more sea at the bottom.

Finally held steady, rotated and shot, picking a decent amount of overlap; halfway through a big ship came past forcing me to check the water and do it again more quickly the second time. It would be nice to have shot it on a cool day so there was no heat distortion at all, but here it only gets cool in winter when there is no rain for months, and the sky is very dirty and rarely even blue.

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