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Source (digicam) says that there is no PDAF in X-M1.


I think Fuji is making a mistake if it doesn't focus quicker than the X-E1. There is only so much market for a camera with high image quality but relatively slow focus; many of them already own an X-E1 which hasn't been selling like hot cakes lately.. The average person would be happier with a Nikon J1 just for the sake of the faster focus. Fuji should've made their entry into mainstream bodies a model with quick focus because that what nearly everybody who wants something better than a cell phone holds as a bottom line. Furthermore, this model will set the reputation for future models. Two years is a long time to wait for an X-M2 that focuses at a quick pace, and alot of lost sales.

Multiple colours was a good idea but that brown is seriously ugly.

I foresaw them doing a smaller zoom lens and I think it's a good idea. It should get some purchases from Pro1 owners who only have the kit prime.

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